About Us

Maa Kamakhya Hardware can help you wow your guests without breaking your budget. From soft to striking or simple to bold, our huge selection. At Maa Kamakhya Hardware, we have the widest range of Door Hardware, Window Hardware, Home Hardware, Cabinet Hardware and Gate hardware. We offer the best door accessories in different shapes and sizes for homes, offices and Hospitals, fittings door & windows’ will give your home a fresh and more finished look. We are one of the trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers in India who are committed to meeting customer’s satisfaction with consistency in quality and reasonable prices.

At Maa Kamakhya Hardware, we work passionately to create products with simplicity and usability. We talk and listen to our customers and value every constructive feedback from them to improve our products and services.

We take online orders and ship them to your doorsteps for your convenience. At Maa Kamakhya Hardware, we believe in maintaining best customer relationship by keeping our customers happy. We take extra efforts to help you choose the perfect hardware fittings for your spaces. We allow our customers to customise their orders and have a personal touch added to all the products. Your office and home spaces are bound to get a refreshing look with our products.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to call or write to us. On behalf of everyone at Maa Kamakhya Hardware, thank you so much for visiting our website.

God Bless You All!